Product Data Management for Industry Professionals

Developed in partnership with Aras – this book was created to provide foundational knowledge to the industry professional that is identifying or working on PLM/PDM projects. 

Organizations must handle massive, diverse amounts of digital data. Some of the software tools used to manage this data include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and Product Data Management(PDM).  PDM controls and manages digital product data throughout a product’s lifecycle.

PDM is involved with engineering, ideation, and development digital product data. PDM also manages and controls changes to the product .  In this regard, PDM plays a critical enabling role in the Digital Enterprise. The Digital Enterprise cannot exist without PDM.

To develop the next generation of connected products, PDM systems must enable access to the most recent and accurate product data and support data-based decisions, design reviews, engineering changes, and other processes. PDM must support distributed geographies by making information accessible anywhere to the global product development team and supply chains.

Book Features

Aras Specific

The book provides a solid introduction to product data management in clear, understandable language using the Aras Innovator platform.  Aras Innovator is the only Open Source Enterprise PLM available on the market.

Case studies

A collection of case studies from various industries are provided to encourage understanding by example.